"De Montfort" medical waste incinerators

"De Montfort" incinerators

Please keep in mind...

What the De Montfort medical waste incinerator does...

It reduces all waste added to ash and flue gases. This includes dressings, wet or dry, plastics, organic matter, etc. Used hypodermics can be added, but needles may not all be reduced though they will be sterilised and denatured. Care should be taken when removing ashes in this case. Small glass sharps will normally be part melted and rendered safe.

When properly operated, the flue gases emitted will have been held at a high temperature (800°C) for at least one second and should be almost harmless.

 ...and what it will not do...

It will not render all flue gases smoke free, and will not meet clean air requirements in all situations with all loads. If this is your requirement, you will need to buy a much more expensive incinerator and have it professionally installed and operated.

It will not operate automatically without attention. When burning waste, particularly infectious waste, an operator must be in constant attendance.

It is not suitable for short sharp burns with no warm up period. For this sort of operation you need a low thermal capacity incinerator, probably made of stainless steel, and gas heated.

It is not suitable for operation in a closed room. Smoke will be emitted whenever the loading door is opened. A roof may be fitted to protect the operator from rain, but only minimum walls.


Since the safe and successful use of the incinerator, which operates at very high temperatures, is entirely dependent on the building, operation and maintenance thereof, the University and the organizations supplying the drawings and instructions can bear no responsibility for any mishaps to personnel or inadequate technical performance of the incinerator.