"De Montfort" medical waste incinerators

"De Montfort" incinerators

The Mark 8a

Designed for use in areas where manufacturing facilities are limited, and cost must be kept to a minimum, the Mark 8a is similar to the Mark 7 but the body is brick-built.

Use: designed especially for most healthcare facilities, except large hospitals (more than 300 - 400 beds)

Capacity: 12 kg/h

Lifespan (average): 3-5 years

Investment cost in USD (materials only): 250-1'000, depending on the availability of refractory bricks.

Time necessary to build: 3-4 days

Remarks: Where the load to be burned consists almost entirely of sharps boxes filled with used hypodermics, special conditions apply:

1. The plastic in the syringes has a very high calorific value and additional fuel will not be required after the initial warm up period.

2. Boxes should be introduced one at a time. There will be a brief delay, then an increase in smoke level followed by a gradual decrease. The next box should be introduced when the smoke level is observed to be decreasing.

3. Tests have shown that this means that boxes of up to 100 syringes can be burned at a rate of about one every 10 minutes.

4. Introducing boxes at a higher rate than this will result in very high smoke rates and molten plastic at the base of the incinerator.