"De Montfort" medical waste incinerators

"De Montfort" incinerators

The De Montfort "family" of medical waste incinerators

All the incinerators listed are variations on the same basic design, which is the Mark 1 incinerator now used in many parts of the world. It burns up to 12 kg/h of waste. It has now been superseded by the Mark 8a, which is more robust and reliable and cheaper to build.

The Mark 2 is the mark 1 with a larger secondary combustion chamber to increase the retention time and improve the flue gas emission quality. It has been used for experimental purposes only.

The Mark 3 is designed for hospitals up to 1'000 beds, and burns at about 4 times the rate of the Marks 1 & 2. (50 kg/h approx.) It has now been superseded by the Mark 9, which is more robust and much easier to build.

The Mark 5 incinerator is thermodynamically the same as the Mark 3, but modified to carry the weight of a much higher chimney for use where a high chimney is a legal requirement or where the proximity of other buildings makes a high chimney necessary to disperse smoke and fumes. This design is being modified at present.

The Mark 7 is a version of the Mark 1 specifically designed for use in emergency situations where it is essential to erect and bring into use quickly. It will nevertheless attain very similar combustion temperatures as the others. It is intended that a stock of components for this will be available shortly.

The Mark 8 and 8a are similar to the Mark 7, but the body is brick-built. It has been designed for use in those areas where manufacturing facilities are very limited, and cost must be kept to a minimum but its performance is similar to the rest of the range. The Mark 8a is recommended for most applications. Where the amount of waste is too large for a Mark 8a, consider building two side by side.

The Mark 9 is similar to the Mark 3, but again simplified for manufacture and to eliminate operational faults which occurred in the Mark 3.

Choosing the right incinerator

The incinerator is available in two sizes, the Mark 8a which burns about 12 kg of waste per hour, and the Mark 9 which burns about 4 times this amount (approx. 50 kg/h).

Users are advised to choose the size that they can feed with waste for periods of not less than 2 hours at a time.