"De Montfort" medical waste incinerators

"De Montfort" incinerators

The Mark 9

This model is a development of the Mark 3 and is to be built where high rates of combustion are required. It simplifies the construction, particularly of the steelwork, and thereby reduces the likelihood of failure due to distortion of the steel top plate.

It should be built on a concrete platform of at least two metres square, and should preferably have a roof to protect it from rain. The roof may also incorporate the support for the chimney stack.

Use: designed especially for larger hospitals (generally more than 300 beds)

Capacity: 50 kg/h

Lifespan (average): 3-5 years

Approximate unit cost in USD (materials only): 500 - 1'500 depending on the availability of refractory bricks.

Time necessary to build: 5 - 6 days

Remarks: Only approximate dimensions of the steelwork are given. The correct procedure is to lay out the first two layers of bricks, and then measure the length and breadth of the steel which fits on top. The steel top can then be made to fit the finished brickwork.

The steel tunnel and ash door can also be dimensioned to fit the brickwork by taking measurements from the brickwork once the tunnel is formed in the first five layers of bricks.

Technical specifications [185 Ko]

When you dispose of sharp boxes...

The Mark nine incinerator has not been tested under these conditions, but it is estimated that the rules given for the Mark 8a will apply except that boxes may be introduced two (200 syringes) at a time.