"De Montfort" medical waste incinerators

"De Montfort" incinerators


As with any type of equipment, there is a need to perform some regular maintenance to ensure both that the system will continue to work properly and to prolong the life span of the incinerator.

Before each operation.

Check that ashes have been completely cleared from the grate and floor of incinerator.

Check that loading door closes properly onto the sand seal in an air-tight manner. Loosen sand if necessary.

Annual inspection and rectifications

Component Check Rectify if necessary
Chimney Vertical fixings Reset or renew
Corrosion Repair any holes or weak points.
Replace chimney or section thereof if necessary
Chimney support plate Corrosion Replace if necessary
Top sand seals Cement seal to brickwork. Adequate sand level Re-seal with refractory cement.
Top up sand
Ash door Corrosion, hinges, catch, blockage in door-frame Repair and clean as necessary
Brickwork Missing cement Replace with refractory cement
Evidence of thermal damage to bricks Line inner surface of bricks with
10 mm refractory cement

A valuable investement

Numerous field visits have shown that one of the major reasons why incinerators don't operate properly – or don't work anymore – is simply due to a lack of proper maintenance.

Spending a small amount of time on a regular basis to make sure the system is in good operating conditions will easily double the life span of your incinerator.

For further instruction see the Guidelines on how to construct, use and maintain a waste disposal unit (English and French versions)